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Speedo Cup  Entries  updated Nov-15 - entries are now closed
Metro  SC IMX Top-25  posted Nov-14
TVSC 2015-2016 SC season Top Times  updated Nov-13
Snowball Mini Meet  Entries  posted Nov-2 - Entries close Dec-12
LIE Thanksgiving Meet final  Entries  posted Nov-3

November 23, 2015
NY State Girls High School Swimming & Diving Championships
Individual results       Meet results

High Lights:  Casey Gavigan 4th in 100 back - Emily Bardak 8th in 100 fly (NCSA cut) - Angelina Harris 11th 100 breast (TVSC Team Record 11-12 girls & NCSA Cut) - Emily Anderson 12th in 100 breast - Emily Bardak 16th in 200 IM - Kyra Sommerstad 18th in 500 free - Casey Gavigan 22 in 200 IM - Angelina Harris 23 in 200 IM - Brittany Coughlin 24th in 100 breast

November 22, 2015
LIAC Thanksgiving Invite at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual results       Meet results

79 athletes raced 418 times and swam 209 best times -- 50%. New time standards: 9 'AA' times, 18 'A' times, 23 'BB' times, 22 'B' times, New qualification times: 17 DSC Speedo Cup cuts, 29 Silver cuts, 10 JO cuts, 6 Zone Qualifier cuts, and 1 Senior Mets cut,

More High Lights

New Sr Mets Cut:  Andrew Stange (200 back).

All Best Times:  Taylor Dixon, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Victoria Grosskopf, Hanna Lin, Ryan Matheson, AvaGrace Monti, Henry Shemet, Brian Veit, Isabel Xu, and Logan Gregory.

New Zone Qualifier Cuts:  Kiersten Clancy (2), Isabel Xu, Logan Gregory, Olivia Schlegel, and Timofey Kayran.

New 'AA' standards:  AvaGrace Monti (2), Andrew Stange (2), Kiersten Clancy (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Isabel Xu, and Christopher Stange.

New JO Cuts:  AvaGrace Monti (2), Brett Adams (2), Olivia Schlegel, Vincent Vinciguerra, Richie Chiarella, Richard Hall, James Monahan, and Christopher Stange.

New DSC Speedo Cup Cuts:  Olivia Schlegel (3), Kaitlyn Ehlers, AvaGrace Monti (2), Vincent Vinciguerra (2), Andrew Stange (2), Victoria Grosskopf, Logan Gregory, Zander Klaric, Kacey McGorry, Timofey Kayran, Abigail Dimaculangan, and Christopher Stange.

Mostly Best Times:  Jack Dillon, Eren Goral, Zander Klaric, Emma Libohova, Kacey McGorry, Jenna Mond, Sofia Mulligan, Kiera Mutarelli, Olivia Schlegel, Samantha Torre, Declan Kubik, Hannah Brockman, Owen Gavigan, Michael Muroff, CJ Pergan, Andrew Stange, William Sun, Brennyn Veit, Vincent Vinciguerra, Timofey Kayran, Robert Kohlus, and Brett Adams.

New 'A' standards:  Olivia Schlegel (3), AvaGrace Monti (2), William Sun (2), Vincent Vinciguerra (2), CJ Pergan (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Victoria Grosskopf, Zander Klaric, Kacey McGorry, Timofey Kayran, Abigail Dimaculangan, and Kylie Kramer.

New Silver Cuts:  Ryan Matheson (4), Taylor Dixon (2), Hanna Lin (2), Kylie Kramer (2), Declan Kubik (2), AvaGrace Monti, Henry Shemet, Jack Dillon, Emma Libohova, Kacey McGorry, Jenna Mond, Kiera Mutarelli, Olivia Schlegel, Hannah Brockman, Robert Kohlus, an, Richard Hall, Erica Lin, Kate Sommerstad, Hope Farrell, James Griffin, Hanna Matheson, and Eric Wang.

New 'BB' standards:  Taylor Dixon, Victoria Grosskopf (2), Hanna Lin (2), Jack Dillon (2), Jenna Mond (2), Emma Libohova, AvaGrace Monti, Henry Shemet, Kiera Mutarelli, Olivia Schlegel, Michael Muroff, Olivia Ebenstein, Richard Hall, Kylie Kramer, James Monahan, Rebecca Muroff, Hope Farrell, Hanna Matheson, and Eric Wang.

New 'B' standards:  Ryan Matheson (5), Taylor Dixon (3), Brian Veit, Emma Libohova (2), Grace Farrell (2), Kiera Mutarelli, Declan Kubik, Hannah Brockman, Kate Sommerstad, Sophia Genao, James Griffin, Anna Libohova, Zhimin Zheng, and Stephanie Alvarez.

November 10, 2015
Freestyle Frenzy at Westport YMCA Connecticut
Individual results       Meet results

15 Junior team athletes competed in 50, 100, 200 and 500 (for 11-12s) free at the Freestyle Frenzy in the brandnew Westport YMCA.

High Lights

All or Mostly Best Times:  Abigail Dimaculangan, AvaGrace Monti, Brett Adams, Grace Farrell, Edward Freudenberg, Brian Veit, and Vincent Vinciguerra.

New Zone Qualifier Cut:  Vincent Vinciguerra.

New 'AA' standard:  Liam Preston.

New JO Cuts:  Brian Veit, Hunter Emerson, and Noah Giunta.

New DSC Speedo Cup Cuts:  Abigail Dimaculangan, and Hunter Emerson.

New 'A' standards:  Abigail Dimaculangan, and Brian Veit.

New Silver Cuts:  Abigail Dimaculangan, and AvaGrace Monti.

November 10, 2015

New York State Section XI HS State Quals - TVSC qualifiers Angelina Harris (7th grade - Miller Place), Kyra Sommerstad (8th grade - Port Jeff), and TVSC graduating sensiors Rita Chen (Port Jeff), Emily Anderson (Shoreham-Wading River), Brittany Coughlin (Ward Melville), and Casey Gavigan (Ward Melville)
Not in picture is Emily Bardak, NY state qualifier for St Anthony's HS

High School Girls Section XI Swimming & Diving Championships and
Nassau Suffolk Catholic HS Championships

Individual results       Meet results

14 TVSC girls competed for their high school in the Section XI Swimming & Diving Championships / State Qualifier meet, and 3 TVSC girls competed in the Catholic HS Championships this past weekend. Our girls won five events: Angelina Harris won the 200 IM in 2:10.6, Kyra Sommerstad won the 500 free in 5:11.9, Emily Bardak won the 200 IM in 2:09.6, Casey Gavigan won the 100 back in 56.1 and Emily Anderson won the 100 breast in 1:05.9 Qualifying for the NY State High School Swimming & Diving Championships at Ithaca College November 20 and 21 were: Casey Gavigan (Sr Ward Melville HS - 200 IM, 100 back, and 200 Medley Relay), Emily Anderson (Sr - Shoreham-Wading River HS - 200 IM and 100 breast), Brittany Coughlin (Sr - Ward Melville HS - 100 breast and 200 Medley Relay), Rita Chen (Sr - Port Jeff HS - 100 free), Emily Bardak (So - St Anthony's HS - 200 IM, 100 fly, 200 Medley and 400 free relays), Kyra Sommerstad (8th - Port Jeff - 500 free and 100 back), and Angelina Harris (7th - Miller Place - 200 IM and 100 breast).

November 8, 2015
Marlins Distance Meet
Individual results       Meet results

14 athletes swam the 1650 and swam 20 best times . . . . . Total time improvement 679 seconds, or more than 11 minutes. New time standards: 1 'AAA' time, 5 'AA' times, and 6 'A' times. New qualification times: 1 DSC Speedo Cup cut, 1 Zone Qualifier cut, and 1 Senior Mets cut.

More High Lights

New Mt Kisco Pool Record:  Jason Louser in 1,650 for 13-14 Boys.

New Sr Mets Cut:  Kyra Sommerstad.

All Best Times:  Jack Dillon (500, 1,000 and 1,660 free).

New 'AAA' standard:  Kyra Sommerstad.

New Zone Qualifier Cut:  Jake Vecchio.

New 'AA' standards:  Riley Gavigan (2), Jake Vecchio (2), and Brian Veit.

New DSC Speedo Cup Cut:  Kyra Sommerstad.

New 'A' standards:  Jack Dillon (3), Josh Louser, Kate Sommerstad, and Brian Veit.

November 5, 2015
LIE Halloween Meet at Hofstra University
Individual results       Meet results

13 Novice A athletes-in-training competed at the Long Island Express Halloween meet this past weekend. They raced 76 times and swam 52 best times -- 68% and the average time drop per event was 2.2 seconds! New time standards: 2 'A' times, 12 'BB' times, and 15 'B' times. New qualification times: 3 DSC cuts, 14 Silver cuts, 1 JO cuts, and 1 Zone Qualifier cut.

Emily Herr continued her quest to rewrite the TVSC Record book for 8 & Under girls by breaking the 100 fly TVSC Team Record from Jean Quintana by 1.3 seconds - 1:20.9. This record may have been set in 1980s or earlier before computers and electronic stop watches were used in competitive swimming. Before computers and electronic watches, times were taken with non-electronic stop watches that only could resolve time in tenths of seconds instead of current hundreds of seconds. Many of the old TVSC Team Records ending with a zero were probably from a meet where they used "wind-up" mechanical stop watches. Emily also broke the 200 IM TVSC Team Record from Caren Kropp (daughter of Coaches Ed and Alice Kropp - Ed Kropp was the first Head Coach of Three Village Swim Club) by 3.5 seconds. This record may have been set in the 1970s in the early years of Three Village Swim Club's existence. Congratulations!

More High Lights

New Zone Qualifier Cut:  Emily Herr.

New JO Cut:  Emily Herr.

New DSC Speedo Cup Cuts for December 2016:  Colin Veit, and Emily Herr (2) -- (Colin and Emily are still too young to compete in Speedo Cup in December).

All or mostly Best Times:  Ryan Sommerstad, Colin Veit, Amy Chen, Thomas Demaio, Annabel Dimaculangan, Waela Van Nostrand, Alayna Bances, Emily Herr, Claudia Retzlaff, Dean Rezic, and Sarah Seale.

New 'A' standards:  Emily Herr (2).

New Silver Cuts:  Colin Veit (4), Thomas Demaio, Annabel Dimaculangan (4), Waela Van Nostrand, Alayna Bances, Emily Herr, Sarah Seale (2).

New 'BB' standards:  Colin Veit (4), Annabel Dimaculangan (3), Waela Van Nostrand, Emily Herr, Sarah Seale (2), and Thomas Miele.

New 'B' standards:  Ryan Sommerstad (2), Colin Veit, Amy Chen (4), Thomas Demaio (2), Alayna Bances, Claudia Retzlaff (3), Sarah Seale (2).

Richie Chiarella (12) did 15 pull-ups and lowered his score by 15 x 6 = 90 points! He broke last weeks record of James Monahan (9) who did 13 pull-ups.

October 26, 2015
Chappy's Big Race at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual results       Meet results

96 athletes raced 523 times and swam 226 best times. Total time improvement 586 seconds, or more than 9 minutes. New time standards: 1 'AAAA' time, 5 'AAA' times, 8 'AA' times, 10 'A' times, 17 'BB' times, and 19 'B' times. New qualification times: 19 DSC Speedo Cup cuts, 24 Silver cuts, 10 JO cuts, 9 Zone Qualifier cuts, and 4 Senior Mets cuts.

More High Lights

New 'AAAA' standard:  Jason Louser (1,000 free).

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Jason Louser (200 free), Logan Gregory (1,000 free), Brendan Williams (1,000 free), and Kyra Sommerstad (1,000 free).

All Best Times:  Hannah Brockman, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Hope Farrell, Eren Goral, Sofia Mulligan, Kate Sommerstad, and Jessica Chen.

New 'AAA' standards:  Riley Gavigan (2), Brendan Williams, Kyra Sommerstad, and Emily Bardak.

Barrier Breakers:  Breaking 1:50 in 200 free Jason Louser; breaking 2 min in 200 free Kevin Xu and Matt Chan; breaking 1 min in 100 back Jason Louser; breaking 10 min in 1,000 free Jason Louser; breaking 1 min in 100 free Michael Muroff.
New Zone Qualifier Cuts:  Noah Giunta (3), Vincent Vinciguerra, AvaGrace Monti, Kevin Xu, Olivia Schlegel, CJ Pergan, and Brendan Williams.

New 'AA' standards:  Noah Giunta (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Hunter Emerson, Vincent Vinciguerra, Kevin Xu, Jason Louser, and Riley Gavigan.

New JO Cuts:  Isabel Xu (3), Hunter Emerson, Vincent Vinciguerra, Rebecca Crane, Hanna Matheson, Matt Chan, Kyra Sommerstad, and Kiersten Clancy.

New DSC Speedo Cup Cuts:  Isabel Xu (3), Vincent Vinciguerra (2), Brendan Williams (2), Logan Gregory (2), Richie Chiarella, Hunter Emerson, Abigail Dimaculangan, Kevin Xu, Riley Gavigan, Victoria Grosskopf, Zander Klaric, CJ Pergan, Matt Chan, and Shannon Ryan.

Mostly Best Times:  Sydney Bernhardt, Richie Chiarella, Hunter Emerson, Hanna Lin, Michael Muroff, Brian Veit, Vincent Vinciguerra, Zhimin Zheng, AvaGrace Monti, Abigail Dimaculangan, Grace Farrell, Owen Gavigan, Noah Giunta, Declan Kubik, Anna Libohova, Sara Louser, Sean Muller, Jake Vecchio, Brennyn Veit, Kevin Xu, Henry Shemet, and Sofia Vega.

New 'A' standards:  Isabel Xu (3), Richie Chiarella, Vincent Vinciguerra, Abigail Dimaculangan, Noah Giunta, Jake Vecchio, Victoria Grosskopf, and Zander Klaric.

New Silver Cuts:  Jessica Chen (3), James Monahan (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers (2), Anna Libohova (2), Victoria Grosskopf (2), Rebecca Crane (2), Jake Vecchio (2), Hunter Emerson, Vincent Vinciguerra, AvaGrace Monti, Sara Louser, Sean Muller, Riley Gavigan, Josh Louser, Eric Wang, and Jenna Mond.

New 'BB' standards:  Hope Farrell (2), Sophia Genao (2), Hanna Matheson (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Kate Sommerstad, an, Jessica Chen, Sydney Bernhardt, Michael Muroff, Vincent Vinciguerra, Sara Louser, Sofia Vega, Rebecca Crane, Victoria Grosskopf, and James Monahan.

28 Juniors, a few seniors and five coaches did the "Dark Side" Haunted House trip last night and most had a blast (or were afraid to admit to their friends they were scared too). Mission accomplished: a handfull of swimmers were too frightened and had to exit the "Dark Side" early . . . .

October 16, 2015
500 Free and 200 Free Time Trial and Ann Wycoff Results
200/500 TT results       AW results       Individual AW results

613 best times out of 946 races were achieved at the first two SC meets of the season. Total time improvement 2,704 seconds, or more than 44 minutes! With previous SC meets swum in March/April, the Novice and Junior 1 swimmers just about swim 100% best times. Junior 2 and "rookie" senior swimmers swam about 75% best times, while the veteran seniors swam way fewer best times AND THIS IS ALL NORMAL The goals for senior swimmers are to swim best times in their December meets and spring championships meets for which they will be rested. New time standards: 5 'AAA' times, 25 'AA' times, 34 'A' times, 99 'BB' times, and 77 'B' times. New qualification times: 28 DSC Speedo Cup cuts, 111 Silver cuts, 19 JO cuts, 28 Zone Qualifier cuts, and 3 Senior Mets cuts.

More High Lights
   New Team Records:  TVSC Team Records are fast and are tough to break, but Emily Herr (8) started the 2015-2016 short course season by breaking not one but four 8-&-Under TVSC Team Records this weekend. The first one a 28+ year old team record in 25 breast (that record was set before personal computers existed, so, the exact date of that record was lost). She also broke the 10-year old 50 breast record of TVSC alumni Alex(andra) Hutzler. The 13-year old 25 fly record from Alyssa Brennan was broken by one second, and the the 13-year old 50 fly record from Christina Simonetti was broken by 2 seconds. Congratulations Emily!   

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Emily Bardak (200 free), Kyra Sommerstad (200 free), and Andrew Stange (50 free).

All Best Times:  Hope Farrell, Anna Libohova, Owen Gavigan, Emily Herr, Kiera Mutarelli, CJ Pergan, Brett Adams, Reese Birnstill, Nick Bogush, Hannah Brockman, Amy Chen, Sidney Dasilvia, Abigail Dimaculangan, Annabel Dimaculangan, Ava Emmerich, Sophia Genao, Eren Goral, Victoria Grosskopf, Maksim Klaric, Zander Klaric, Declan Kubik, Natalie Kwee, Hanna Matheson, James Monahan, Jenna Mond, Lila Monti, Sean Muller, Rebecca Muroff, Kayla Seale, Henry Shemet, Ethan Timm, Samantha Torre, Waela Van Nostrand, Antonio Vavalle, Jake Vecchio, Brennyn Veit, Brian Veit, Colin Veit, Derek Xikis, Isabel Xu, Zhimin Zheng, Jessica Chen, William Sun, and Vincent Vinciguerra.

New 'AAA' standards:  Olivia Schlegel, Ryan Kaplan, Cameron Kubik, Emily Bardak, and David He.

Barrier Breakers:  Breaking 2 min in 200 back Ryan Kaplan; breaking 2 min in 200 free Emily Bardak and Kyra Sommerstad, and Jake Vecchio; breaking 1 min in 100 fly Ryan Kaplan.
New Zone Qualifier Cuts:  Isabel Xu (3), Emily Herr (2), Liam Preston (2), Jake Vecchio (2), Victoria Bogdanski (2), Cameron Kubik (2), David He (2), Zhimin Zheng, Vincent Vinciguerra, Olivia Schlegel, Noah Giunta, Timofey Kayran, AvaGrace Monti, Ryan Kaplan, Kevin Xu, Riley Gavigan, Angelina Harris, and Brendan Williams.

New 'AA' standards:  Jake Vecchio (4), Cameron Kubik (4), Isabel Xu (3), Zhimin Zheng (2), Noah Giunta (2), Riley Gavigan (2), Logan Gregory (2), Vincent Vinciguerra, Emily Herr, Olivia Schlegel, Ryan Kaplan, Josh Louser, David He, and Steven Zhao.

New JO Cuts:  Isabel Xu (4), Vincent Vinciguerra (2), Emily Herr, CJ Pergan, Zander Klaric, Zhimin Zheng, Richard Hall, Olivia Schlegel, Logan Gregory, Liam Preston, Timofey Kayran, AvaGrace Monti, Riley Gavigan, Kiersten Clancy, and Hunter Emerson.

New DSC Speedo Cup Cuts:  Zhimin Zheng (2), Jessica Chen (2), Olivia Schlegel (2), Noah Giunta (2), Logan Gregory (2), Timofey Kayran (2), AvaGrace Monti (2), Emily Herr, James Monahan, Jake Vecchio (2), Vincent Vinciguerra, Ryan Kaplan, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Cameron Kubik, Kiersten Clancy, Hunter Emerson, Brendan Williams, David He, and Emily Anderson.

Mostly Best Times:  Emma Canudas, Taylor Dixon, Richard Hall, Olivia Schlegel, Alexa Bojbasa, Thomas Demaio, Noah Giunta, Logan Gregory, James Griffin, Timofey Kayran, Katherine Lascarides, Maxwell Legrady, Emma Libohova, Hanna Lin, Sara Louser, Kacey McGorry, Braedon Miller, AvaGrace Monti, Liam Preston, Eden Price, Claudia Retzlaff, Ryan Sommerstad, Eric Wang, Emma Alexandre, Stephanie Alvarez, Ryan Kaplan, Alayna Bances, Richie Chiarella, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Emre Goral, Josh Louser, Thomas Miele, Karsten Pergan, Peter Sloniewsky, Cayden Veit, Kevin Xu, Grace Farrell, Riley Gavigan, and Shane Muller.

New 'A' standards:  Emily Herr (2), Nick Bogush (2), AvaGrace Monti (2), Jessica Chen (2), Olivia Schlegel (2), Noah Giunta (2), Isabel Xu, Christopher Stange (2), Ryan Kaplan (2), Victoria Bogdanski (2), Zhimin Zheng, Vincent Vinciguerra, Timofey Kayran, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Kevin Xu, Keelyn Friberg, Kylie Kramer, Robert Kohlus, and Emily Anderson.

New Silver Cuts:  Hanna Matheson (6), James Monahan (5), Sara Louser (5), Victoria Grosskopf (5), Hanna Lin (4), Annabel Dimaculangan (4), James Griffin (4), Kiera Mutarelli (4), Jenna Mond (4), Eric Wang (4), Sarah Seale (3), Timofey Kayran (3), Anna Libohova (2), Owen Gavigan (2), CJ Pergan (2), Nick Bogush (2), Zander Klaric (2), Rebecca Muroff (2), Waela Van Nostrand (2), Richard Hall (2), Thomas Demaio (2), Thomas Miele (2), Karsten Pergan (2), Brennyn Veit (2), Colin Veit (2), Peter Sloniewsky (2), Abigail Dimaculangan, Declan Kubik, Henry Shemet, Ethan Timm, Antonio Vavalle, Hope Farrell, Brian Veit, Zhimin Zheng, Emma Canudas, Emma Libohova, AvaGrace Monti, Emma Alexandre, Shane Muller, Cameron Kubik, Keelyn Friberg, Erica Lin, Kiersten Clancy, Kate Sommerstad, Christopher Stange, and Emilia Retzlaff.

New 'BB' standards:  Hope Farrell (2), Kiera Mutarelli (3), Brett Adams, Nick Bogush, Abigail Dimaculangan (2), Annabel Dimaculangan (4), Sophia Genao (4), Victoria Grosskopf, Zander Klaric, Hanna Matheson (5), James Monahan (5), Jenna Mond, Rebecca Muroff (3), Henry Shemet (2), Ethan Timm, Waela Van Nostrand (4), Brennyn Veit, Brian Veit (3), Colin Veit, Vincent Vinciguerra, Richard Hall (2), Thomas Demaio (2), James Griffin (2), Timofey Kayran (3), Hanna Lin (2), Sara Louser (5), Kacey McGorry, Liam Preston, Eric Wang (2), Stephanie Alvarez (4), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Thomas Miele, Peter Sloniewsky, Grace Farrell, Erica Lin, Kiersten Clancy, Kate Sommerstad, Meaghan McNair, Noah Mond, Frankie Pellegrino, Sofia Vega, and Olivia Ebenstein.

New 'B' standards:  Hope Farrell (2), Anna Libohova (3), Owen Gavigan (2), Kiera Mutarelli (2), CJ Pergan, Hannah Brockman (3), Amy Chen (2), Sidney Dasilvia (4), Victoria Grosskopf (2), Declan Kubik (3), Natalie Kwee (2), Ethan Timm (3), Brennyn Veit (3), Colin Veit (3), Zhimin Zheng, Emma Canudas (3), Taylor Dixon (3), Alexa Bojbasa, James Griffin (3), Emma Libohova (2), Claudia Retzlaff (2), Ryan Sommerstad (2), Eric Wang, Emma Alexandre (3), Emre Goral, Thomas Miele, Peter Sloniewsky, Grace Farrell (2), Sarah Seale (2), Dean Rezic (2), Frankie Pellegrino, Sofia Vega, and Joseph Fontana.

October 11, 2015
Emily Herr Breaks 10 Year Old Team Record form Alexandra Hutzler in 50 Breast
After a Close Competition with Hill and Express, TVSC Finishes Third in 2015 Relay carnival

TVSC Crescendo Relay swimmers finished 2nd in 5:18.18: Hunter (10) 28.3, Luka (15) 48.3, Emily (15) 53.9, Jason (14) 49.7, Isabel (10) 30.64, Kyra (13) 55.0, Angelina (12) 25.6, and Liam (11) 26.6

TVSC athletes swam well at the 2015 ASCSC Relay Carnival. The whole meet the scores between Express, Hills and TVSC were within 6 to 20 points but at the end Express won and TVSC finshed 3rd. Even with a bad start, TVSC won the first ever 200 IM Mixed Crescendo Relay with Olivia, Hunter, Angelina, William, Frankie, Jason, Emily and Luka. Other first place relays were: 13-14 boys and 15-18 boys 200 fly relay, 13-14 girls and 15-18 boys 200 back relay, 11-12 girls and 15-18 girls 200 breast relay. As the 10&U girls 200 breast relay lead-off swimmer, Emily Herr (8) broke the first TVSC Team Record of the new 2015-2016 season by 1.5 seconds in the 50 breast for 8&U girls held since 2005 by Alexandra Hutzler - 41.79. Congratulations Emily!
September 26, 2015
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LIE Thanksgiving Meet
Hofstra University
November 27-29

Speedo Cup
Lancaster PA
December 4-6

TVSC Rookie Meet
Ward Melville HS pool
December 13

Hauppauge Trials/Finals
non-Speedo Cup

Hauppauge HS
December 18-20

Snowball Mini Meet
Long Beach HS
January 9

TVSC Distance Meet
Ward Melville HS pool
January 10

TVSC Joust
Ward Melville HS pool
January 22-24

Sr Winter National

Casey Gavigan

NCSA Jr National Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Emily Bardak
Casey Gavigan
Angelina Harris
Jason Louser
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Andrew Stange

Eastern Zone LC Senior Championships Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Emily Bardak
Rita Chen
Brittany Coughlin
Angelina Harris
Casey Gavigan
Ryan Kaplan
Eric Kilgore
Jason Louser
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Kyra Sommerstad
Andrew Stange
Luka Zuric

2016 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Tom Luchsinger

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

TVSC alumni:
Tom Luchsinger
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Tom Luchsinger

TVSC alumni:
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Team Member

TVSC alumna:
Julia Smit

2004 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Julia Smit
Mark Hill

2000 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Chris Helin