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Saturday morning practice on a cool September morning at Holtsville pool.
Swimming doesn't get any better than this . . .

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August 16, 2014
TVSC End-of-the Season Picnic at West Meadow Beach

After another long season of being yelled at by Coaching staff and forced to swim long fly sets, it was payback time for TVSC swimmers . . . . Just remember, our coaches don't get mad, they get even in the 2014-2015 season . . . .
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August 12, 2014
2014 Eastern Zone Long Course Age Group Championships
in Richmond, Virginia

Individual results     Results by event     Results with splits     Meet results

TVSC athletes competing for the Metropolition LSC at the 2014 Eastern Zone Long Course Age Group Championships in Richmond, Virginia:
Jake, Kevin, Liam, Richie, Hunter, Rachel, Angelina, and Kyra

2013-2014 Scholastic All-Americans: Emily Anderson and Casey Gavigan
Because of their grades in school and performances in the pool this past season, Emily Anderson and Casey Gavigan both made the USA-Swimming 2013-2014 Scholastic All-American Team. Congratulations girls!
Eastern Zone LC Super Sectionals in Buffalo - New York
Individual results     Results by event     Results with splits     Meet results

9 athletes and Coach Mark and Coach Ray traveled to Buffalo (by plane) for the 2014 Eastern Zone long couse Super Sectionals. The swimmers raced 44 times and swam 31 best times -- 70%. New time standards: 10 'AAA' times, 4 'AA' times, and 1 'A' time. New qualification times: 3 TYR cuts, and 5 LC Senior Mets cuts.

More High Lights

New LC Sr Mets Cuts:  Zach Kaplan, Evan Nilsson, Emily Anderson, Cassandra Willie, and Casey Gavigan.

All Best Times:  Zach Kaplan, and Evan Nilsson.

New 'AAA' standards:  Zach Kaplan (3), Evan Nilsson (2), Chris O'Shea, Cassandra Willie (2), Casey Gavigan, and Andrew Stange.

Mostly Best Times:  Emily Anderson, Chris O'Shea, Cassandra Willie, and Casey Gavigan.

2014 LC Junior Olympics at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual results     Results by event     Results with splits     Meet results

youngest TVSC JO qualifier Emily Herr (6) - 50 fly - walking with Kate Sommerstad to starting blocks

49 athletes raced 245 times and swam 140 best times -- 57%. New time standards: 2 'AAAA' times, 8 'AAA' times, 25 'AA' times, and 15 'A' times. New qualification times: 22 TYR cuts, 4 Zone, cuts and 4 Senior Mets cuts.

Liam Preston (10) was 7th in 10&U High Point, and youngest TVSC JO qualifier in a long long time was Emily Herr (6), who swam a best time in 50 fly after almost missing her only event due to having to go to bathroom right before her event.

More High Lights

New 'AAAA' standardsLiam Preston (100 free), and Kyra Sommerstad (100 back).

New Zone Cuts:  Brendan Williams (50 & 100 free), Kevin Xu (200 free), Alec Huner (200 IM), Luka Zuric (400 free), Cole Pergan (50 free), and Kyra Sommerstad (200 free)

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Alyssa Bonneville, Emily Bardak, Alec Huner, and Sidney Judson.

New 'AAA' standards:  Luka Zuric (4), Kevin Xu (2), Alec Huner, and Sidney Judson.

New 'AA' standards:  Luka Zuric (5), CJ Pergan III, Hayley Adams, Alyssa Bonneville, Ryan Kaplan (3), Rachel Ditolla (4), Cole Pergan, Jake Vecchio (2), Emily Bardak (2), Jason Louser, Alec Huner, Christopher Stange (2), and Hunter Emerson.

New TYR Cup Cuts:  Luka Zuric (2), CJ Pergan, Colm Brown, Charlie Shemet, Henry Shemet, Alyssa Bonneville (3), Ryan Kaplan (2), Rachel Ditolla (2), Cole Pergan, Eric Kilgore (2), Emily Bardak, Jason Louser (2), Angelina Harris, Matt Vintis (2).

All or Mostly Best Times:  Luka Zuric, CJ Pergan III, Natalia Giunta, Hayley Adams, Colm Brown, Emily Herr, Amanda Sarubbi, Charlie Shemet, William Sun, Henry Shemet, Kevin Xu, Alyssa Bonneville, Ryan Kaplan, Rachel Ditolla, Logan Gregory, Cole Pergan, Jake Vecchio, Eric Kilgore, Olivia Schlegel, and Noah Mond.

New 'A' standards:  Luka Zuric, Natalia Giunta, Charlie Shemet, Henry Shemet, Alyssa Bonneville (3), Ryan Kaplan, Cole Pergan, Noah Mond, Emily Bardak, Jason Louser, Angelina Harris, Matt Vintis, and Robert Kohlus.

July 21, 2014
Metro Senior LC Championships (Sr Mets) at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual results     Results by event     Results with splits     Meet results

27 TVSC athletes competed at the 2014 LC Senior Championships at the Nassau Aquatic Center and performed well. Zach Kaplan, Chris O'Shea and Andrew Stange were top performers for TVSC this weekend.

The youngest TVSC athlete was Angelina Harris (}<11) who qualified for her first Sr Mets and competed in 100 and 200 breast. Kyra Sommerstad (12) also competed in her first Sr Mets in 100 and 200 back and did best times in both events. With her time in 200 back time of 2:31 she is now ranked first for 11-12 Metro girls. New time standards: 1 'AAAA' times, 7 'AAA' times, 8 'AA' times, 2 'A' times, New qualification times: 7 TYR cuts, 3 JO cuts, 10 Senior Mets cuts,

More High Lights

New 'AAAA' standardLuka Zuric (800 free).

New Super Sectional CutChris O'Shea (100 back)

New Super Sectional Bonus CutAndrew Stange (200 fly)

Top 16 FinishersChris O'Shea (1500 free), Andrew Stange (200 fly)

Top 24 Finishers:  Rachael DiTolla (200 fly), Zach Kaplan (200 & 100 free), Chris O'Shea (800 & 200 free, 100 & 200 back), Andrew Stange
(100 & 200 fly)

New LC Sr Mets Cuts:  Evan Nilsson, Alec Huner, Zach Kaplan (4), Cassandra Willie (2), Chris O'Shea, and Rachael Bertini.

All or Mostly Best Times:  Evan Nilsson, Alec Huner, Kyra Sommerstad, Zach Kaplan, Cassandra Willie, Andrew Stange, Casey Gavigan, Chris O'Shea, and Luka Zuric.

New 'AAA' standards:  Evan Nilsson, Andrew Stange (2), Chris O'Shea (2), Emily Bardak (2).

New 'AA' standards:  Evan Nilsson, Zach Kaplan (4), Cassandra Willie, Casey Gavigan, and Luka Zuric.

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Sachem Sprint Meet
Sachem East HS
Sunday October 5

ASCSC Relay Carnival
Nassau Aquatic Center
Sunday October 12
warm-up 8:00 AM

Ann Wycoff Meet
Hosted by TVSC
Ward Melville
October 18-19

Chappy's Big Race Invite
Nassau Aquatic Center
October 25-26

Marlins Distance Meet
Mount Kisco
November 9

Sharks Meet
Felix Festa MS
November 7-9, 2014

Sachem 8&U Meet
Sachem North HS
November 15-16

Thanksgiving Invite
Nassau Aquatic Center
November 20-21

Franklin & Marshall College
Lancaster PA

December 12-14

Sachem New Year's Splash
Sachem North HS
January 2-3

Patriots Winter's Frost
Lehman College Bronx
January 10-11

Summer Eastern Zone Age Group Championships Qualifiers

Richie Chiarella
Rachel DiTolla
Hunter Emerson>
Angelina Harris
Alec Huner
Jason Louser
Cole Pergan
Liam Preston
Kyra Sommerstad
Jake Vecchio
Brendan Williams
Kevin Xu
Luka Zuric

NCSA Jr National Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Rachael Bertini
Peter Chiang
Casey Gavigan
Kristen Pozmanter
Cassandra Willie

Super Sectional Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Casey Gavigan
Zach Kaplan
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Nancy Shemet
Sarah Schoenfeld
Andrew Stange
Cassandra Willie

2014 Long Course
IMX Rankings

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

TVSC alumni:
Tom Luchsinger
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Tom Luchsinger

TVSC alumni:
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Team Member

TVSC alumna:
Julia Smit

2004 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Julia Smit
Mark Hill

2000 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Chris Helin