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Class of 2015

Devin Jackson
Binghamton University NY

Julia Bogdanski
York college of Pennsylvania PA

Patrick Robertson
Stony Brook University NY

Andre Rastegar
Johns Hopkins University MD

Nancy Shemet
SUNY Geneseo NY

Zach Kaplan
Binghamton University NY

Lara Sarubbi
Binghamton University NY

Hannah Parbst
Ithaca College NY

Ryan Burke
Brown University RI

Evan Zou
Cornell University NY

Peter Li
Cornell University NY

Cassandra Willie
University of Maryland UMBC MD

Sarah Schoenfeld
Binghamton University NY

Dominique Betterbed
Boston University MA

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May 16, 2015
TVSC Long Course Team Records Posted
A couple of weeks ago we added Three Village Swim Club Long Course Team Records. The records are from the year 2000 and later, as we don't have accurate records from before that time. Coach Mike and Coach Kate still have a several Long Course records for 15-18 age groups.

At the Spring Kick-off meet last weekend, one team record was broken. Jason Louser broke the 14 year (2001) 200 breast record for 13-14 boys from Shaun Armstrong by 4 1/2 seconds to 2:31.7. Congrats!

May 14, 2015
Spring Kick-Off Invite
Meet results     Individual results
In their first long course meet of the season 84 Senior and Junior team athletes raced 405 times and swam 297 best times -- 73% at the Spring Kick-off Invite at the Nassua Aquatic Center. Total time improvement 1,545 seconds, or more than 25 minutes! New time standards: 3 'AAAA' times, 13 'AAA' times, 23 'AA' times, 40 'A' times, and 60 'BB' times. New qualification times: 51 JO cuts, 5 Summer Zone cuts, 7 Senior Mets cuts, and 7 Zone Sr Champs A or B cuts.

More High Lights

New Zone Sr Champs A and B Cuts:  Jason Louser (100 & 200 breast and 200 IM), Luka Zuric (200 free, 100 & 200 fly), and Zach Kaplan (100 free)

New Summer Zone Cuts:  Hunter Emerson (100 free, 100 fly), David He (100 back, 100 fly), Kyra Sommerstad (100 & 200 back), and Angelina Harris (200 breast).

New 'AAAA' standards:  Luka Zuric (200 free), and Jason Louser (200 breast & 200 IM).

New LC Sr Mets Cuts:  David He, Ryan Kaplan (2), Matt Vintis, Luka Zuric, Alec Huner, and Jason Louser.

All Best Times:  Emma Canudas, Matt Chan, Richie Chiarella, Kiersten Clancy, Abigail Dimaculangan, Grace Farrell, Keelyn Friberg, Owen Gavigan, Riley Gavigan, Noah Giunta, Victoria Grosskopf, David He, Ryan Kaplan, Erica Lin, Josh Louser, Ryan Matheson, Matthew Mestres, CJ Pergan, Liam Preston, Juhi Rai, Chris Saggio, Emma Saggio, Olivia Schlegel, Charlie Shemet, Matt Vintis, Luka Zuric, Samantha Torre, Isabel Xu, Emma Alexandre, Luke Barbera, Hannah Brockman, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Hope Farrell, Sophia Genao, Angelina Harris, Alec Huner, Kylie Kramer, Kacey McGorry, Emilia Retzlaff, Shannon Ryan, Kate Sommerstad, William Sun, Jake Vecchio, Brian Veit, Brendan Williams, and Victoria Bogdanski.

New 'AAA' standards:  David He (2), Olivia Schlegel, Luka Zuric (4), Angelina Harris, Hunter Emerson (2), and Jason Louser (3).

New Zone Qualifier Cuts:  David He, Angelina Harris, and Hunter Emerson (2).

New 'AA' standards:  Matt Chan (2), Kiersten Clancy, Riley Gavigan, David He (4), Liam Preston (4), Olivia Schlegel, Matt Vintis (2), Luke Barbera, Angelina Harris, Jake Vecchio, Brendan Williams, Hunter Emerson, Logan Gregory, and Frankie Pellegrino (2).

New JO Cuts:  Matt Chan, Richie Chiarella (3), Kiersten Clancy (4), Keelyn Friberg, Riley Gavigan (4), Noah Giunta (5), David He (2), Ryan Kaplan, Josh Louser (2), CJ Pergan (2), Liam Preston (3), Olivia Schlegel (2), Matt Vintis (2), Luka Zuric, Isabel Xu (3), Luke Barbera, Alec Huner, William Sun (2), Jake Vecchio (3), Brendan Williams (2), Brett Adams, Hunter Emerson, Logan Gregory, Peter Sanders, Kyra Sommerstad, and Kevin Xu.

Mostly Best Times:  Brett Adams, Stephanie Alvarez, Sydney Bernhardt, Jack Dillon, Hunter Emerson, Logan Gregory, Jason Louser, Frankie Pellegrino, Karsten Pergan, AJ Bances, Emma Libohova, Julia Tsybysheva, Brennyn Veit, and Justin Zhang.

New 'A' standards:  Richie Chiarella (2), Kiersten Clancy, Keelyn Friberg, Riley Gavigan (3), Noah Giunta (2), Ryan Kaplan (2), Josh Louser, CJ Pergan (3), Liam Preston, Olivia Schlegel (2), Charlie Shemet (2), Matt Vintis (3), Luka Zuric, Isabel Xu (3), Alec Huner, Shannon Ryan (2), Kate Sommerstad, William Sun (2), Jake Vecchio (2), Brendan Williams (2), Logan Gregory, Frankie Pellegrino, and Kyra Sommerstad.

New 'BB' standards:  Emma Canudas (5), Richie Chiarella, Kiersten Clancy, Abigail Dimaculangan (5), Keelyn Friberg, Riley Gavigan, Noah Giunta (2), Victoria Grosskopf (3), Erica Lin (2), Josh Louser (2), Matthew Mestres, CJ Pergan (2), Liam Preston, Chris Saggio (2), Olivia Schlegel (2), Isabel Xu (2), Emma Alexandre (3), Luke Barbera (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers (2), Sophia Genao (2), Kylie Kramer, Kacey McGorry (3), Emilia Retzlaff (2), Kate Sommerstad, William Sun, Brian Veit, Brett Adams, Sydney Bernhardt, Jack Dillon, Hunter Emerson, Karsten Pergan, AJ Bances (3), and Justin Zhang.

May 10, 2015
Bench Run 2015
More pictures

May 2, 2015

TVSC Class of 2015 at Dinner dance: Sarah Schoenfeld, Julia Bogdanski, Hannah Parbst, Laea Sarubbi, Evan Zou, Dominique Betterbed, Devin Jackson, Andre Rastegar, Nancy Shemet, Ryan Burke, Peter Li, Cassandra Willie, Patrick Robertson, and Zach Kaplan
Party Goers Had a Blast at the
Annual TVSC Dinner Dance

Three Village Swim Club held its annual Dinner Dance at Villa Lombardi's in Holbrook to celebrate the accomplishments of its athletes this past short course season.

This party is still the hot ticket in town: 400 party goers: swimmers, their families, TVSC coaching staff and their guests all dressed up. Many TVSC swimmers just stay with this year-round tough sport of competitive swimming all these years for the Dinner Dance alone . . . . .

Our club's yearly Dinner Dance surely beats the end-of-the-season < fill-in your youth sport > pizza party at the local pizza parlor and it surely beats the school dance in the smelly school gym.

The party had it all: food and ice-cream bar for desert, DJ, dancing (and who says swimmers are "klutzy" on land?), awards, year-books, graduating senior recognition, dancing, graduating senior video, party favors, dancing and more dancing.

One of the fun parts of the Dinner Dance is guessing who the kids are all dressed up and for several of the younger swimmers, who put their bathing caps on at home before going to practice, it is the first time we saw their hair color.

TVSC Board, thank-you for organizing another great party and TVSC swim families, thank-you for the coaches' gifts.

TVSC Class of 2016 after being sworn in by Class of 2015 to take over their place

April 27, 2015
Top Snack Replacements
From USA-Swimming web site: How many times have you reached for a bag of chips while studying, or guzzled a 20-ounce soft drink because you were thirsty? Swimmers burn a lot of calories and snacking is a good way to replace calories lost in exercise and replenish nutrients for the next practice or meet. However, mindless snacking when you are bored or stressed out often leads to poor choices. So next time you want a snack, ask two questions. “Am I really hungry?” and “What can I eat that will support my training?” Read more . . .

April 13, 2015
2015 ASCSC County Championships

TVSC Class of 2015 at Counties: Patrick Robertson, Peter Li, Cassandra Willie, Dominique Betterbed, Evan Zou, Lara Sarubbi, Ryan Burke, Nancy Shemet, Sarah Schoenfeld, Julia Bogdanski, Devin Jackson, Hannah Parbst, and Zach Kaplan

TVSC Finishes 3rd - 1 Individual & 7 Relay Team Records Broken
Meet results     Individual results

The "long" 2014-2015 short-course season concluded this past weekend with the 2015 ASCSC County Championships at the Nassau Aquatic Center. While TVSC did not win the Counties, our 119 athletes still swam great, with 282 best times (55%) and total time drop of 456 seconds (7+ minutes).

New time standards: 5 'AAAA' times, 23 'AAA' times, 36 'AA' times, 25 'A' times, and 23 'BB' times.

At the end of SC season our seniors still amazingly achieved 2 new NCSA cuts, 13 new Sectional cuts, and 8 new Sr Mets cuts, making this year's Counties one of the most succesful ones in Three Village Swim Club history.

Congrats to Long Island Express athletes for winning their first ever ASCSC County Champioships.

For several of the 13 graduating Seniors this was the bittersweet last meet of their swimming careers, as they choose not become a student athlete in college, while for the others it was the bittersweet last short course meet competing for Three Village Swim Club.

An incomplete list of high lights:  one of the few great team meets each season (the others Relay Carnival and December Holiday Classic) . . . . . TVSC will not do well at this meet with only their fastest swimmers -- they need the team's depth: points of the swimmers who score points in B-final too! . . . . . graduating senior Cassandra Willie's upset victory in 200 IM swimming a personal best by 4.5 seconds! . . . . . all the exciting TVSC Relay wins . . . . . Erika Lin (12) qualifying for finals in 100 free in her first Counties . . . . . Luka Zuric (14) winning 100 free 13-14 boys and not breaking 60 seconds, not breaking 50 seconds, but breaking the 49 second barrier . . . . . Jason Louser (13) winning 100 breast and breaking 60 second barrier . . . . . Angelina Harris (12) winning the 200 IM and breaking an almost 30 year old Team Record from Kristy Helin. . . . . Hunter Emerson (10) convincingly winning three of his four events and High-Point . . . . . 15-18 Girls (Casey Gavigan, Emily Anderson, Cassandra Willie, and Nancy Shemet), 15-18 Boys (Zack Kaplan, Alec Huner, Andrew Stange, and Evan Zou), 13-14 Boys (Matt Vintis, Jason Louser, Luka Zuric, and David He), and 11-12 Girls (Kyra Sommerstad, Angelina Harris, Frankie Pellegrino, and Rebecca Crane) broke TVSC 200 Medley Relay Team Records . . . . . 13-14 Boys (David He, Jason Louser, Cameron Kubik, and Luka Zuric), and 15-18 Boys (Chris O'Shea, Evan Nilson, Evan Zou, and Zach Kaplan) all broke TVSC 200 Free Relay Team Records . . . . . Angelina Harris and Kyra Sommerstad were 2nd and 3rd for 11-12 girls High-Point . . . . . Emily Bardak was 2nd for 13-14 girls High-Point . . . . Luka Zuric, and Jason Louser were 2nd and 3rd for 13-14 boys High-point . . . . . Cassandra Willie was 2nd in 15-18 Girls High-Point . . . . .

New NCSA Cuts:  Zach Kaplan (200 IM), Cassandra Willie (200 IM).

New Sectional Cuts:  Casey Gavigan (100 fly, 200 IM, 100 free), Chris O'Shea (100 fly, 100 free, 50 free), Cassandra Willie (200 IM, 100 free), Luka Zuric (100 back, 200 IM), Brittany Coughlin (200 IM), Jason Louser (200 IM), and Andrew Stange (100 free).

New 'AAAA' standards:  Hunter Emerson (2), Luka Zuric, and Emily Bardak (2).

New Sr Mets Cuts:  Andrew Stange, David He, Jason Louser, Chris O'Shea (2), Brittany Coughlin, Luka Zuric, and Emily Bardak.

All Best Times:  David He, Jake Vecchio, Emma Canudas, Kaitlyn Ehlers, Eric Kilgore, Erica Lin, Hanna Lin, CJ Pergan, Peter Sloniewsky, AJ Bances, Sophia Genao, Kylie Kramer, Joseph Fontana, Noah Mond, Frankie Pellegrino, Nichole Visintin, Alayna Bances, Sydney Bernhardt, Rachel Chan, Kasidy Chirico, Hope Farrell, James Griffin, and Rebecca Muroff.

Barrier Breakers:  Jake Vecchio (59.6 100 fly), Cameron Kubik (59.7 100 back), Jason Louser (1:58.9 200 IM, 59.9 100 breast), Luka Zuric (1:59.9 200 IM), Chris O'Shea (48.5 100 free).

New 'AAA' standards:  David He (4), Jason Louser, Chris O'Shea (5), Brittany Coughlin, Hunter Emerson, Casey Gavigan (2), Luka Zuric (4), Cassandra Willie (4), and Luke Barbera.

New 'AA' standards:  Eric Kilgore, Frankie Pellegrino, Riley Gavigan (7), Cameron Kubik (4), Rebecca Crane (2), Brendan Williams, Brittany Coughlin (2), Matt Vintis (3), Alyssa Bonneville, Shannon Ryan (2), Liam Preston (2), Luke Barbera (2), Kiersten Clancy, Matt Chan (2), Noah Giunta, Sidney Judson (2), Logan Gregory, and Alec Huner.

Mostly Best Times:  Riley Gavigan, Cameron Kubik, Jason Louser, Matthew Mestres, Rebecca Crane, Adam Albert, Ryan Kaplan, Andrew Stange, Brendan Williams, Emily Yang, Chris O'Shea, Victoria Bogdanski, Rachel Crane, Natalia Giunta, James Monahan, Emilia Retzlaff, Sarah Seale, Kevin Xu, Brittany Coughlin, Matt Vintis, Emma Alexandre, Sarah Chan, Victoria Grosskopf, Karsten Pergan, Hunter Emerson, Casey Gavigan, William Sun, Isabel Xu, Luka Zuric, Alyssa Bonneville, and Sarah Schoenfeld.

New 'A' standards:  Jake Vecchio (3), Emma Canudas (2), Kaitlyn Ehlers, Erica Lin (2), CJ Pergan, Brendan Williams, Victoria Bogdanski (2), Rachel Crane, Kevin Xu (2), William Sun, Isabel Xu, Alyssa Bonneville, an, Shannon Ryan (2), Kiersten Clancy (2), Josh Louser, Noah Giunta, and Emily Anderson.

New 'BB' standards:  Kaitlyn Ehlers, Hanna Lin, CJ Pergan, Peter Sloniewsky (2), AJ Bances, Sophia Genao, Noah Mond, Rachel Chan, Hope Farrell, Adam Albert, Brendan Williams, Victoria Bogdanski, James Monahan, Emilia Retzlaff (2), Sarah Seale, Timofey Kayran, Michael Nasta (2), Lara Sarubbi, Andre Rastegar, and Brian Veit.

May Extravaganza Meet
Hofstra University
May 22-24

Summer Classic Invite
Nassau Aquatic Center
June 6-7

June Jubilee Meet
Hofstra University
June 19-21

Summer Fun Invite
Nassau Aquatic Center
June 20-21

Jr Mets #1
Nassau Aquatic Center
June 24

Jr Mets #2
Nassau Aquatic Center
July 1

Jr Mets #3
Nassau Aquatic Center
July 8

Patriots Meet
Lehman College
July 11-12

LC Sr Mets
July 16-19

Nassau Aquatic Center
July 24-26

Zone LC Sr Championships
ECCC Buffalo NY
August 6-9

Zone LC Age Group Champs
Richmond BA
August 5-8

Sr Winter National

Casey Gavigan

Summer Eastern Zone Age Group Championships Qualifiers

Hunter Emerson>
Angelina Harris
David He
Kyra Sommerstad

NCSA Jr National Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Casey Gavigan
Zach Kaplan
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Andrew Stange
Cassandra Willie

Spring Sectional Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Emily Bardak
Rita Chen
Brittany Coughlin
Angelina Harris
Alec Huner
Casey Gavigan
Zach Kaplan
Jason Louser
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Hannah Parbst
Nancy Shemet
Sarah Schoenfeld
Kyra Sommerstad
Andrew Stange
Cassandra Willie
Evan Zou
Luka Zuric

2014-2015 Short Course
IMX Rankings

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

TVSC alumni:
Tom Luchsinger
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Tom Luchsinger

TVSC alumni:
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Team Member

TVSC alumna:
Julia Smit

2004 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Julia Smit
Mark Hill

2000 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Chris Helin