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August 2, 2016
End-of-the-Season Novice Team Time Trials at Holtsville Pool

August 2, 2016

Fifth Huntington Cold Spring Harbor Open Water Swim
After competing for 10 years in the Huntington Bay Open water meet - from 2002 to 2011 - we decided not to return due to that the event was poorly run. For example, electronic timing was not used and each year the were errors in the results due to timing errors and one year they "lost" TVSC 5K swimmers due to lack of support kajaks on the course. However, in those years TVSC participation grew to more than 50 swimmers and many of the 11th and 12th graders on Senior team have competed one or more times in this event. Also Coaches Kandra and Kate competed when they swam on Junior team. Since 2012 we have been looking for a replacement Open Water event and we were even thinking about organizing a TVSC Open Water meet at Cedar Beach in Mount Sinai.

The first Huntington Cold Spring Harbor Open Water meet was held in June of 2012, or too early in season with water temperatures only in the 60s. Finally this summer the organizers of this event got the OK from the village to move the event from June to the end of July with much better water temperatures - mid 70s.

The Junior Coaches were able to "strong arm" 18 Juniors: Emily Herr (8), James Monahan (10), Richie Hall (10), Vinny Vinciguerra (10), Hannah Lin (11), Noah Giunta (11), Zander Klaric (11), Olivia Schlegal (11), Peter Stoniewsky (11), Hunter Emerson (11), Emma Cunadas (12), Owen Gavigan (12), Zimin Zheng (12), Eren Goral (12), Hope Farrell (12), Tori Grosskopf (12), Ryan Mattheson (12), Jimmy Griffin (13), and Kaitlin Ehlers (13) to compete, and senior swimmer Adelaide Moulton and Coaches Kate Conard and Emily Fleckenstein also entered.

Emily Herr won the 10&U girls 400 meter race. Vinnie Vinciguerra was 2nd, James Monahan was 3rd and Richie Hall was 4th for 10&U boys 400 meter race.

In the 1 Mile race Ryan Mattheson was second and Noah Giunta was 3rd for 11-12 boys, and Hope Farrell, Olivia Schlegel and Emma Cunadas were 1, 2 and 3 for 11-12 girls.

In the 2 Mile race Hunter Emerson came in first for 11-12 boys, Tori Grosskopf first for 11-12 girls and Jimmy Griffin first for 13-14 boys. As a former distance swimmer, Coach Kate was the fastest 2 Mile female swimmer in the Open Division and Coach Emily won the 2 mile open in her age group.

The Open Water meet was a great success and next summer all Juniors will enter this meet!!

July 26, 2016
2016 Long Course Junior Olympics (JOs)
Vincent Vinciguerra 10 & Under JO Champion in 50 Free
Individual results       Meet results


With the 2016 Long Course season winding dowm, 37 TVSC JO qualifiers achieved 81 best times. Total time improvement 255 seconds, or more than 4 minutes. New time standards: 2 'AAAA' times, 9 'AAA' times, 19 'AA' times, and 16 'A' times. New qualification times: 5 Zone Qualifier cuts, and 1 Senior Mets cut.

More High Lights

2016 JO Champion:  Vincent Vinciguerra (10) (50 Free).

New Zone Qualifier Cuts:  Thomas Miele (50 Breast), Vincent Vinciguerra (50 Back, 200 Free, 100 Fly), AvaGrace Monti (100 FLy) and Kate Sommerstad (200 Back).

New 'AAAA' standards:  Vincent Vinciguerra (50 Free), and Kate Sommerstad (200 back).

New Sr Mets Cut:  Christopher Stange (200 Fly) and Kate Sommerstad (200 Back).

Top-8:  Emily Herr (8) (6th 100 fly & 8th 50 Fly), AvaGrace Monti (7th 50 Breast & 100 Breast), Vincent Vinciguerra (4th 200 Free, 5th 100 Free, 6th 50 Fly, 8th 100 Fly), Nick Londono (8th 50 Free), Kate Sommerstad (4th 200 Back), and Jake Vecchio (4th 100 FLy).
New 'AAA' standards:  AvaGrace Monti (3), Vincent Vinciguerra (2), Liam Preston (2), Kate Sommerstad, Cj Pergan (200 Back), and Jake Vecchio.

New 'AA' standards:  Kate Sommerstad (4), Jessica Chen, Hunter Emerson (5), Nick Londono (2), CJ Pergan, Hope Farrell, Emily Herr (2), Richie Chiarella, Christopher Stange, and Thomas Miele.

New 'A' standards:  Ryan Matheson (2), Hunter Emerson, Vincent Vinciguerra, Nick Londono, CJ Pergan, an, Riley Gavigan, James Monahan, Waela Van Nostrand, Richie Chiarella, Thomas Demaio, Christopher Stange, Richard Hall (2), Colin Veit, and Emily Yang.

July 20 - Second Open Water Practice at Cedar Beach

July 19, 2016
Jr Mets #3 Invite at Nassau Aquatic Center
Individual results       Meet results

18 TVSC athletes swam 47 best times New time standards: 3 'AA' times, 6 'BB' times, and 3 new 'B' times. New qualification times: 1 new Eastern Zone Age Group Champs cut.

More High Lights

All Best Times:  Brian Veit, Jessica Chen, and Hope Farrell.

New Eastern Zone Age Group Champs Cut:  Hope Farrell (50 breast).

New 'AA' standards:  Jessica Chen, Thomas Miele, and Emily Herr.

Mostly Best Times:  Marissa DeMarco, Isabel Hoffmann, Thomas Miele, Ryan Sommerstad, and Colin Veit.

New 'BB' standards:  Brian Veit, Thomas Miele, Brianna Cybulski, Lila Monti, Amy Chen, and Sarah Seale.

New 'B' standards:  Brian Veit, Marissa DeMarco, and Ryan Sommerstad.

July 18, 2016
2016 Long Course Metropolitan Senior Championships (Sr Mets)
Angelina, Kyra, Jason (3), Ryan, Chris (2) and Andrew
Break Nine TVSC LC Team Records

Individual results       Meet results

At the 2016 Long Course Metropolitan Senior Championships 21 of our fastest Senior swimmers swam 66 best times. New time standards: 12 'AAAA' times, 12 'AAA' times, 5 'AA' times, New qualification times: 2 Future Champs cuts, 14 Eastern Zone Senior Champs cuts, 6 Eastern Zone Senior Champs Bonus cuts, 1 Easten Zone Age Group Champs cut, and 6 LC Senior Mets cuts.

More High Lights

New Team Records:  Angelina Harris broke Emily Anderson's 2012 13-14 200 LC Breast Record by almost 2 second: 2:41.6; Kyra Sommerstad broke Molly Pappish's 2005 13-14 1500 LC Free by 6 seconds: 18:11.1; Jason Louser broke his own 15-16 1500 LC Free record from last month by another 26 seconds: 16:40.5, broke Johnathan Yin's 2012 15-16 200 LC Breast Record by 12 seconds: 2:25.6, and he broke Coach Mike Smit's 2002 15-16 400 LC IM Record by 1 second: 4:43.7; Ryan Kaplan broke Tom Luchsinger's 2007 15-16 200 LC Back Record by 0.5 seconds: 2:11.7; Chris O'Shea broke Evan Nilsson's 2015 17-18 1500 LC Free Record by 1 second: 17:26.2 and Tom Luchsinger's 2008 17-18 100 LC Back Record by 0.2 seconds: 1:00.3; Andrew Stange broke his own 17-18 200 IM record by 1.6 seconds: 2:13.6.

Top-8 Finishers:  Angelina (2nd 200 Breast & 8th 100 Breast), Hason Louser (6th 100 & 200 Breast), Ryan Kaplan (2nd 200 Back), Casey Gavigan (6th 100 Back), Chris O'Shea (3rd 100 Back), and Andrew Stange (2nd 100 Fly, 3rd 200 Free, 6th 100 Free, 7th 100 Fly).

New Futures Cuts:  Kyra Sommerstad (100 Back), and Ryan Kaplan (200 LC Back).

New EZ Sr Champs Cuts:  Riley Gavigan (100 Breast), Angelina Harris (200 Breast), David He (100 & 200 Fly), Jason Louser (200 Fly), Kyra Sommerstad (400 IM, 100 Back and 1500 Free), Andrew Stange (50 Free), Jake Vecchio (100 & 200 Fly), and Brendan Williams (400 & 800 & 1500 Free).

New 'AAAA' standards:  Jason Louser (4), Jake Vecchio (2), Kyra Sommerstad (3), and Brendan Williams (3).

Top-16 Finishers:  Kyra Sommerstad (9th 100 Back and 14th 1500 Free), Brendan Williams (15th 1500 Free), Jason Louser (10th 1500 Free, 11th 400 IM,14th 200 Fly), Ryan Kaplan (6th 100 Back), and Andrew Stange (12th 200 IM).

New EZ Sr Champs Bonus Cuts:  Sidney Judson (100 Back), Cameron Kubik (100 fly), and Kyra Sommerstad (200 IM).

New Sr Mets LC Cuts:  David He, Cameron Kubik, Riley Gavigan (2), Angelina Harris, and Logan Gregory.

All Best Times:  Jason Louser, David He, and Cameron Kubik.

New 'AAA' standards:  Jason Louser (2), David He, (3), Riley Gavigan (4), Andrew Stange (2), and Angelina Harris.

New Zone Qualifier Cut:  Cameron Kubik.

New 'AA' standards:  David He, Cameron Kubik (2), Chris O'Shea, and Emily Anderson.

Mostly Best Times:  Riley Gavigan, Jake Vecchio, Andrew Stange, Kyra Sommerstad, Ryan Kaplan, Brendan Williams, and Sidney Judson.

Adventure Park Evening
August 27

Start of 2016-2017 Season for Seniors and Juniors
August 29
at Holtsville

TVSC Team Tryouts
Ward Melville HS pool
September 12 or 13
6:00-7:30 PM

Suit Sizing and General Membership Meeting
Ward Melville HS
September 21
time tba

Applebee’s Flapjack Fundraiser
October 1

2016 ASCSC Relay Carnival
Nassau Aquatic Center
October 9

500 Free Time Trials
Ward Melville HS pool
October 14

Ann Wycoff meet
(hosted by TVSC)
Ward Melville HS pool
October 15-16

TVSC Picture Day
Ward Melville HS pool
November 9

2017 ASCSC Counties
Nassau Aquatic Center
April 8-9

Sr Winter National

Chris O'Shea

Jr Summer National

Andrew Stange

Jr Winter National

Andrew Stange
Jason Louser
Chris O'Shea
Ryan Kaplan

NCSA Jr National Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Emily Bardak
Casey Gavigan
Angelina Harris
Ryan Kaplan
Jason Louser
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Kyra Sommerstad
Andrew Stange
Luka Zuric

Summer Eastern Zone Age Group Championships Qualifiers

Hope Farrell
Emily Herr
Cameron Kubik
Nick Londono
Thomas Miele
AvaGrace Monti
CJ Pergan
Liam Preston
Kate Sommerstad
Christopher Stange
Vinny Vinciguerra

Eastern Zone LC Senior Championships Qualifiers

Emily Anderson
Emily Bardak
Rita Chen
Brittany Coughlin
Casey Gavigan
Riley Gavigan
Angelina Harris
David He
Sidney Judson
Ryan Kaplan
Jason Louser
Evan Nilsson
Chris O'Shea
Kyra Sommerstad
Andrew Stange
Jake Vecchio
Brendan Williams
Luka Zuric

2016 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Tom Luchsinger

2012 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

TVSC alumni:
Tom Luchsinger
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Tom Luchsinger

TVSC alumni:
Julia Smit
Mike Smit

2008 Olympic Team Member

TVSC alumna:
Julia Smit

2004 Olympic Trial Qualifiers

Julia Smit
Mark Hill

2000 Olympic Trial Qualifier

TVSC alumnus:
Chris Helin